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...apokalipsa by BaxiaArt

The diference between creating a landscape and a Landscape stands between the eye of those who beholds it and the hand of the one who creates it.
This image brings me some disturbance, because it shows the light among the dark, and yet makes it feel so holow!
In order to create such a perfect simetry in a game of light and shadows, one must experience and enhance their skills, and no doubt that this image shows the good eye that ~kokoszkaa has and her skilled hand.

Yet, it's not only the game of shadows that makes this image so fierce, also the strong, yet not to vivid colors, causes an impact that maybe a diferent tone wouldn't cause.
Its all about the balance and no doubt that is more that achieved in this piece.

In other words, magnificent work :heart:
The Artist thought this was FAIR
15 out of 16 deviants thought this was fair.


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